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Artist Statement


She is an outdoor enthusiast who loves the beauty, tranquility, and awe  found in nature.  She believes the most amazing visual displays are reflected in the woods, wildflowers, creeks, beaches, skies, and the wildlife therein.  She hopes to leave you inspired with each image.


“Be adventurous,

breathe in the surrounding beauty, 

and live with passion.”

About Kristie Lee

Kristie Lee’s landscape photographs have been exhibited in various avenues within northern Michigan. Her photographs have been featured worldwide through social media and internet presence.  She has been selected as an Emerging New Artist in 2018 and 2019 at the Crooked Tree Art Gallery in Petoskey, MI as well as the 2019 Emerging Artist at the Jordan River Arts Council of East Jordan, MI.  

She is the founder of UpNorth Chic LLC, established in 2016.  She is the photographer, designer for Up North Chic brand, and a children's book author & illustrator.  


Kristie Lee is a born and raised Michigander, residing in northern Michigan.

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