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Power of Anticipation

When the long warm days and the starry nights gave way to its' first blustering of cold air, I knew winter was coming. The day my layers were removed and just my bare exterior remained, I knew winter was here. The heavy blankets that fell over me with each passing week, I knew winter was in full brew.

But when I felt the showering, the washing of melted snow flowing over me, I knew winter was through. When I felt the touch of the glorious sun, I knew spring had sprung.

I felt the presence of life begin to emerge. It was from the cold, once frozen topsoil that beauty was birthed yet again. The winding vines have begun to intertwine with my yet cold metal appendages. Ahhh... this is when I know spring has sprung.

My surface is weathered and rugged from the brutal winter. Age is showing as new cracks, wrinkles have been revealed. Dirt and a little salt are found in my ridges, my pores. She comes out and sweeps away the grime so I can get ready to shine. Oh I know it is time, spring is here, summer not too far away.

This is the time when my make-over is in process. There is such anticipation by all who walk and drive by. Soon my new layers will be added, the sun's warmth felt, and long missed conversations will resume. Oh, long warm days and starry nights are coming once again.

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