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Born to Soar... (exert from book)

Copywritten by Kristie Lee

(exert from soon coming book)

Oh little eagle, born to soar,

life is purposed, and future bright.

You prepare, build strength and might.

To fly one day like those before.

Such soaring, swooping, and diving abilities.

Knowing you will have those capabilities.

But just when you had begun to spread your wings

another spoke to you,

your wings were not right.

He said You could not possibly

fly, soar, glide and dive

especially high in the sky?

You didn’t quite believe him,

but each day he came by

immersing you with his lies.

He said you should stay on the ground

where you are safe and sound.

You had longed to accomplish great feats,

but at each night’s end you’d feel only defeat.

This one who told you a great lie,

he now controls your mind.

Where you once looked up

To watch the others soar,

have long passed by

Now your heart is empty, depleted.

Despair suffocated.

All hope fleeted.

One morning, while you laid on the ground

a sunbeam shone down.

In the warmth of that sun

you remembered those days long past.

The joy of believing,

you would soar, glide, and dive in the sky.

In desperation,

you shared this desire

with the one who “cared” for you on the ground.

As you spoke your heart,

he just laughed and said

your wings are not right,

you will never soar.

The next day

a sunbeam from heaven spoke,

who told you your wings were not right?

Are you not my beautiful eagle?

I created you to soar, to dive, to glide,

to fly high up in the sky.

Now stretch out and move your wings about.

No more doubt.

The defining “ah-hah moment” came days later.

When with all your might,

and every ounce of courage

you told him

you are not my master.

I was born to fly

My wings are not broken.

You have lied and deceived me.

You tried to keep me

from all the Great Sun created me to be.

Watch me now as

I spread my wings,

soar to new heights

glide in peace,

dive in adventure

and swoop into the sun.

I will remember you no more.

All that was stolen will be restored

a hundred times over.

I call you by name,

I will rip off your mask

and reveal your ways, marked for all,

Turkey Vulture!

Your lies exposed and motives seen

death and carcasses will be your only delicacies.

The Sun has spoken and the His words remain

For I am a great white bald eagle,

born to soar,

now you will see me no more!

.... Soar beautiful

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