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Power of Now

I awoke to sunshine and the aroma of freshly planted yellow pansies. It is indeed going to be a glorious day.

The commotion about can mean just one thing. Today I must be getting dressed for 2019.

Yes, it has arrived, the moment of new skin, to cover my cold old frame.

Spring is in full motion. Summer is full of beautiful commotion. Call it chaos and noise, but I say it is my favorite time with so much new, with lots to do.

I wonder what this year will bring.

The moment has arrived, I feel the new textures fall on my face. We greet as we meet now sure to enjoy a summer of feet. My new shrug or rather rug will unwind and relax. Her wrinkles of nerves will let loose as we form our new friendship. Oh what happy times will come this new friend of mine.

Not a second later, I feel the added pressure of another new addition, I look forward to plenty of

new conversations. My "she" has her new place to sit and read; to ponder and gaze; to plan and to dream. The tasty droplets of caramel coffee await me now. It is time for our conversations at last. I can see the picnic lunches and dinner plates in full sight.

The summer is fast approaching with so many new memories to create. This little family of mine is a gift from the divine. Now is the time!

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