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Power of Living

Life is full of obstacles, struggles, and uncertainties, but that is the best soil for something beautiful to begin.

We all experience tears of fear, exhaustion from worry, and anger from frustrations. You can stay stuck in the ugly or navigate through the land of the unknown.

Life is a gift.

Life is a journey.

I wish I had a key, a pill, or some guarantee for you, but I do not. We each have to choose to live the life we have been given, one day at a time. We can smile, be thankful, and make the best choices possible and live life to the fullest or we can choose the opposite. I for one prefer to laugh, smile, love, and hope.

Mountain top moments are majestic, breathtaking beyond compare, but it's the journey to the top and back down that we call, living. Enjoy those pause moments (scenic viewing spots), accomplished moments (at the top) because most of life is about the climb.

Be sure to enjoy each step whether it is difficult or easy, painful or smooth. You choose how your life's journey is, be happy, don't be miserable, complaining, and negative.

See the beauty in the day, today, and whether rain or shine, enjoy today and hope for tomorrow.


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