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Power of a Reveal

The seasons will come and seasons will go. The past is gone, the present is now, the future is bright.

I am the place for rest, to put up your feet; to look up; to observe life; to sit down; and to rest one's eyes.

I am the conversation place. At times the centerpiece. Other times the place for a quick dash to get outside. Whatever my use, my purpose today, it will be my great joy and delight.

The phases of life pass me by like the moon phases, the sunsets and sunrises. My little family will continue their escapades of living life one step at a time.

I am ready and I am stable.

This will be a summer season of great beauty and mystery. Who knows what today may bring.

I am ready, I am stable, able to hold her up this summer.

I will say farewell with this thought before I go...

"This is the circle of life I see in each twenty-four hour.

Loss brings growth and ashes bring beauty.

The sun gives way for the moon every twelve hours.

The darkness gives way to dawn's beautiful skyline display.

Time is fast, time is slow, seasons come and go.

Life is in full motion.

Anticipate, keep perspective, laugh a lot, and live your today." ~Porch

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