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Power of Perspective

I have listened and heard the aches of many hearts. The fears, the worries, the pain, and the grief that abound.

Life has held many disappointments by those who have taken comfort in my embrace. I am that safe, sturdy place. In an age of deteriorating materials, I have stood the test of time. I am a rock, a strong place.

I listen, I hear and I watch hearts become emptied, but also I see perspective restored. The renewal of hope, peace, strength after the release of tears. Like fine restorative oil to my exterior are the tears from over the years. I have absorbed them and learned that perspective comes quickly. Like the calm after each storm, so is the empty heart replenished after deplete.

When she comes out and sees the new sunrise or the dark night sky, I watch her regain hope and strength. The blurriness, the hopelessness, becomes clearer and hope anew once more.

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